Of Dhampirs and Warlocks

Garrett Kelly
AKA: Wanderer
Age: 45-60 (Depending upon place in archive)
Height: 77"
Weight: 230lbs
First Appearance: Faith and Salvation (in Cabal's Nightmare)

Garrett didn't know until his 17th year that he was anything but a prodigy in the Chicago witches coven. When his father, the vampire Lord Meirakat, kills Garrett's mother, the Warlock found out the truth. It's driven all of his decisions following - including betraying his own kind and joining the most illustrious group of supernatural hunters in the United Territories - Victor Sierra.

Age: 18
Height: 68"
Weight: 127lbs
First Appearance: Power Plays

Sagira was the miracle Cabal never thought would happen for him. She is a unique and powerful being, and she knows it. She has grown steadily more defiant as she has come closer to adulthood, flaunting her parent's rules and scoffing at the dangers they say is out there just looking for an opportunity to befall their family.

Age: 12-620 (Depending where you're at in the Archive)
Height: 72"
Weight: 185
First Appearance: Fickle World

Cabal is a dhampir - A half-vampire. He has spent the past 550 years chasing his father Renate through the post-apocalyptic remnants of the United States. The vampire took his mother's heart, her immortality, and then rejected her. It's funny how revenge is a harder thing to come by than one thinks.

Miranda Arturo
Age: 38
Height: 66"
Weight: 130
First Appearance: Faith and Salvation

Miranda met Cabal when she was merely 15. She's gone through a lot of emotions towards the dhampir - infatuation, hate, indifference, attraction, and finally love. She's tried ever more desperate means of garnering his attention and the affection she can see him trying to hide. He's never taken the bait until now.