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Need to Know

Ever just want to be left alone and the people around you don't seem to want to get the hint? I'm pretty sure that's what Dominic's feeling like right now.

So a bit of insight into my thinking on this one. Dhampirs all have different sets of talents than one another. Dominic is probably one of the most mundane amongst his brothers in that he doesn't have any real overt vampiric talents beyond his speed and strength. He's not even a talented telepath.

His brother Darius (and other vampires and dhampirs who are actually mind readers) are going to be denoted with the black thought clouds and white type.

Dominic's bright blue (As well as Cabal's bright green) is to denote that he isn't a natural talent and Darius is actually pulling these thoughts out of his head.

The only way Dominic can communicate telepathically is through the blood bond networking we saw last chapter.

Badass warrior girls, deadly mermaids, and a forbidden romance.

Strange science and sarcastic robots

Robots who've been abandoned by their Creators struggle to find meaning in life.

Space, Love, and a Whole Lotta Action.