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Not Proof

And Finally the titular nod comes into the chapter! :P (I am very careful about picking chapter titles and ensuring the title gets mentioned somewhere in the telling of the chapter.)

So Dominic DOES believe Cabal's recorded history reading... but feels a bit powerless because it's not physical proof of Cabal's innocence. More on that in coming pages.

And look! Cabal retained some humor through all that hell he's been through in the past ten hours.

Threads: Haunted

Spiderforest is smack in the middle of their third anthology Kickstarter! Threads: Haunted contains 20 all new short comics about ghosts and other hauntings and range from poignant to eerie to funny.

We're in the final 24 hours of our Kickstarter! Please stop by, check out the offerings, and even if you can't help monetarily you can spread the word for our final push!

Yours truly has a seven page short titled "Master of Fates" in this volume, a eerie tale of demons trying to bind Midnight's power for their use through an arcane ritual, only she's got other plans!

Check it and the rest of the offerings out and help us attain our goal of bringing yet another anthology to print!

Spiderforest Application Season!

That's right it's THAT time again! Spiderforest is accepting applications today and through the 31st! The voting round will run through August and results should be disseminated by September.

If you have a long form or strip comic in any genre that is updating regularly, has at least one non prologue chapter (longform) or twenty-five strips for gag-a-day or other strip comics, and is free to read on the web, consider applying to our Collective!

For questions or to read our policy/requirements please stop by the Apply Page.

Good luck to all who apply!