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The Only Half Saga

Age: 12-620 (Depending where you're at in the Archive)
Height: 72"
Weight: 185
First Appearance: Fickle World

Cabal is a dhampir - A half-vampire. He has grown up as a being between societies that don't want him. He and his mother's lives become even more dire when a nuclear accident destroys the only world they've known.

Age: 2000+
Height: 54"
Weight: 118
First Appearance: Fickle, Fickle World

Carmen gave up everything she had to ensure her half-breed son stayed alive. She has done her best to raise her son. The stress of trying to survive, however, begins to take it's toll on her sanity - or what little of it there was.

Age: 32
Height: 55"
Weight: 135
First Appearance: Before the Fall

Becky befriends Cabal after he is left along by Carmen. She doesn't know how much danger she's put herself in with his company. Will their friendship last after Carmen's brood reappears and wreaks havoc on their lives?

AKA: 'Nate (Nathan Johnson)
Age: 628
Height: 73"
Weight: 195
First Appearance: Sins of the Father

Renate started life as a human. The one night stand he thought he'd gotten into with Carmen ended up being life-altering and not in a good way. He's never been right with being a vampire - unable to kill his meals. It's a practice that's made him a good many enemies. So when Cabal shows up looking for his hide - he thinks he's run into another in a long line of vampire hunters. He couldn't be more wrong.