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While I didn't like how this cover drafted, I have to say that I am very fond of the final product. I mean I went and really redrafted the entire image.

You guys may remember that I got CONFUSED at the beginning of Dhampirs and Warlocks and named the first chapter the same thing for a while. This one is legit! This is the real deal, no more bait and switch I swear! LOL!

This chapter is going to get...interesting...and the mature filter is in effect full on for this one. You have been warned!

TOHS: Redemption Contest!

That's right! The second book in The Only Half Saga - Redemption is to make its debut October first! I've been wanting to have another contest (A hopefully successful contest this go round) to help promote the novel's release!

So here's the Deal: I want fan art that focuses on the Redemption storyline. Over the next couple of days I will be posting Character names and images that are a part of the Redemption storyline.

The Rules:

The contest will run from July 15th - Sept 01, 2013

Using the synopsis and character information/images draw a piece of fan art (This can be one or multiple characters mentioned below). Please scan, save, and send a high resolution (300dpi or higher) image of your entry to

Please include the following information:

-Your name or alias or profile name

-Any links you would like included in the credits (please limit this to one or perhaps two: such as a novel website or a DA profile)

-Inspiration if you have any on why you chose your picture

From September 1st through 15th all received entries will be judged by non-partial parties. Winners to be announced on September 16th.


ALL Fan Art received will be included in a special section of the novel when it is released October first!

The top THREE winners of the judging will all receive an autographed copy of TOHS: Redemtption as a prize.

The First and Second Place winner will additionally receive a high resolution desktop file of the central image for the novel cover.

The First Place winner will receive the addtitional bonus of getting an autographed copy of the first novel "Before the Fall" as well.

To help in your endeavor

Story synopsis: "After 150 years, the Earth is finally showing signs of bouncing back from the devastation wreaked by nuclear weapons. Cabal is still in search of his father, a quest that has taken him all over the remnants of the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the past century.

Clues about a vampire brood lead him to the town of Redemption. His intent is to garner information about his father and move on. Instead, he finds a distraction from the only purpose he’s known.

After so many decades on the outside of human and vampire societies, Cabal never thought he would find acceptance – much less love. In Redemption, he manages to find both."

Characters in the story:


Cabal is not off to a good start with the vivacious woman who was his contact. He could tell Lucinda was attracted to him. She couldn't possibly feel that way after finding out his secret - in the worst way possible, him losing control and killing one of her friends.

Additional information Cabal hasn't yet gotten his signature long coat. Currently it is a beat up, waist long, gray coat fitted at sleeves and waist. For about half the story he hasn't found religion, so his cross would not be a factor.


Lucinda is one of the most prominent young woman in town, active in the community and the church. She doesn't understand what posesses her to offer hospitality to the stranger looking for the brood. Strangers are trouble...bring trouble... Yet she allows him to stay with her, to rest until he's better suited to chase the vampires who ran rampant thorugh her town.

Additional information Lucinda is a very tall woman at 5'9", bleach blonde hair and eyes about two shades darker than Cabal's. She always wears billowy long skirts in some floral pattern, sandals, light tops with a pastel sweater over the top.


Andy was there the day Cabal walked into town, when he overheard that the man was a vampire hunter. How cool was that! When his little brother goes missing after the brood's return, Andy seeks the man out, hoping beyond hope that Robbie hadn't been eaten in his curiosity. Andy's awe of Cabal grows when he finds out that the man is something more than human.

Additional information Andy is of Afram descent, a mix of African America, Irish and a few other muddles (There are no pure lineages by this point in the future) His skin is about two shades darker than Cabal's with dark brown eyes. He is tall for his age (12), already about 5'5, and thinly built.


(No image currently)

Though not her actual name, "Silver" is the vampiress leading the brood of four to attack Redemption. She make Cabal's life hell right off the bat, using her well-honed vampiric powers to compel Cabal into the biggest mistake of his life.

Additional information: Silver is dubbed such because she is full moon pale of skin. Her hair is not white or gray, but silver in color and for the most part worn loose, falling all the way to her ankles. She is about an average height of 5'6" and "idyllic" body build. Her eyes are indigo blue and look out of an "eternally youthful face" - think late teens.

I hope to see a large turnout for this one! Good luck to any and all that participate!

**** Please keep in mind that the inclusion of your art is for promotion purposes only. There is no promise implied or specified for royalties from the book sales.